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Zerin Pekin-Kocakgol


  • Hi, how can I add a tast to “Do later” or “Delegate “?

    How can I move a task from for example “eleminate” to “do first”?

    is there a video or guide for the first steps?

    greetings from germany

    • Hi Morti!

      Tasks are placed in the four quadrants based on two criteria – importance and urgency.

      Do first – important & urgent
      Do later – important but not urgent
      Delegate – not important but urgent
      Eliminate – not important or urgent

      So, if you’re trying to get a task in ‘Do later’, you need to say that the task is important for your personal or professional goals and set a due date that is not in the urgency window.

      We’re working on some tutorials to make the first steps easier for new users. In the meantime, if you need any more help, just email us on hello@eisedo.com – we’d be happy to help.