New features!


Thank you all for your valuable feedback last year. We’re excited to let you know that the following features have now been implemented!

Drag and Drop (Our most requested feature!)

Save time as you can now drag and drop tasks between quadrants of the matrix. eisedo will automatically update the task’s urgency and importance for you.

Customized Matrix Headings ?️

Take control and rename the quadrants in the way that’s most useful for you. E.g. replace Eliminate with Backburner or Reduce.

Simple Checklists

For when you need to make general, non-prioritized lists.

Simplified Task Delegation ?

Tasks can now be marked as delegated without having to email them. See all of your delegated tasks in the “Delegated” section.

Task Count ?

A handy new feature, showing you how many tasks are outstanding in each quadrant.

To try out these new features, click here.

We are always working to improve eisedo and love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback!

Thanks for reading, and as always, we hope that you have a productive day!

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